My Testimony

I  found out my husband was having an affair in August of 2014.  We separated and I moved back to my home town with our 16 month-old first born, 6 months pregnant to our second child. After 2 years of separation we were divorced.
I understand the struggle of:

– Adultery

– Single motherhood

– Separation

– Divorce / Failed marriage

– Heartbreak

– Abuse & Manipulation

– Toxic relationships

– Depression

– Pregnancy out of wedlock

– Young motherhood

– Schooling w/ young children

– Stay at home moms & Working moms

My Salvation:

If it were not for my trial I would not be where I am at today. I would not have met my Pastor, found my home church at Oasis Christian Center, or given myself to Jesus Christ.

The worst day of my life led to the best day of my life when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior.

Through Him & the word of God my mind has been renewed, I have been transformed and I have been kept in God’s perfect peace, love and joy through my storms and trials.

Success Story:

Through it all I managed to find employment and complete my Bachelors (graduating the same day as my oldest son’s birth) & completing my Masters ( graduating with a 2 & 1 yr old).

Bachelors of Arts in English Literature & Psychology, May 3, 2013
Masters of Science in Library & Information Studies, December 11, 2015.
Masters of Instructional Systems & Learning Technoligies, May 2020.

God’s Not Done with me Yet!:

Even through it all my life is far from perfect. I still face trials and hardships, as do we all. But be of good cheer, because God has overcome the world!  God is working something far greater in me and He is doing the same for you too, and it’s a process!  I continue my growth and healing daily, by choosing life! I am letting God use me to help you. To perfect His kingdom. He uses imperfect people to perfect people <3.

And I am still working! I have plans for a PH.D in the future. My sons are currently 7 & 5 yrs. I also had my book From Broken to Beautiful: A Self-Help Guide to Heal From Heatbreak accepted by Cross Link Publishing! It will be out this Dec. 2020-Jan. 2021. So stay tuned! And follow me on Facebook

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