Step 1 to Get Closer to God

Want to get closer to God? The first step is to: Read your Bible 📖 When we want to get to know more about that boy or girl we like, we spend time trying to learn more about them. Who they are. What they think about us. How they act. We gather information, search them... Continue Reading →

The Kingdom of Heaven is a Treasure

Good afternoon, beautiful people I recently decided I wanted to share some of my devotional scriptures with you all on my page. So keep an eye out in the future of some of these posts. I may work to reorganize my page as well to include the scriptures in their own sections. I pray each... Continue Reading →


Interested in For Broken to Beautiful? Pre-order the eBook today starting at $2.99. Available across 30,000 wholesale channels through Baker & Taylor and Ingram's distribution lists. "A must read!" "For every person, not just women who have endured loss of any kind. This brilliant masterpiece pulls you out of the darkness into the light."Neibra Collins... Continue Reading →

Scan to Order

Great news! From Broken to Beautiful: A Self-Help Guide to Heal From Heartbreak is now available for easy scan to order via QR Code. Simply scan the QR code to view, save, or order the book. Most smartphones have the QR code reader built into the camera, but if your phone is the exception, download... Continue Reading →


The Official Product Site of Sila Lott Books Are you heartbroken? Lonely? Hurt or betrayed? Have you lost hope?  Are you desperately seeking a way out? From Broken to Beautiful is your guide to healing and life after heartbreak. Shop by category Browse the selections below to order your copy of From Broken to Beautiful, a... Continue Reading →

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