Step 1 to Get Closer to God

Want to get closer to God?

The first step is to:

Read your Bible 📖

When we want to get to know more about that boy or girl we like, we spend time trying to learn more about them. Who they are. What they think about us. How they act. We gather information, search them on the web, do our research to figure out who they are.

Much like how we get closer to people, getting closer to God is not much different. God gives us an opportunity to get to know Him more in His word. So the first step to getting closer to Him is in reading the Bible daily.

The word says:

Want to shake off the depression and the defeat? Want to shake off that lack of joy and discouragement you are feeling? Pick up your bible.

I will also say, be consistent. It takes time to truly learn and understand a person. And it may take time for you to fully understand what God is showing you in the Word. At first you may feel frustrated, dry, you may be confused, and you may not understand what God is saying to you in the word you are reading or in the version you are reading. But do not give up! The word says we must seek Him to find Him. Keep showing up. The same way you develop a relationship with a person, invest in God. A good relationship takes time.

Give God your time and you won’t regret it. And you’ll see how He shows for you in a big way.

And unlike Earthly 🌎 relationships God is always there for us. God is dependable and He won’t let us down. Pick your best time of the day to spend with Him too. A lot of us pick times we are barely awake and can’t remember. Is that the same time you would invest in your crush? Give Him your best time. Make Him a priority in your schedule even when it’s busy and you’ll see How God can help you fix your schedule!

Trust Him and His way and His timing. Spend time with Him. Let Him be your right hand. The first thing you go to over anything else. Cast out your idols and replace them with His word and watch how He exchanges your sadness for joy, your turmoil for peace, and your depression for joy.

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