Poem: The Heartbreak Narrative

She accepted your friend request, and admired your smile, Laughed at your jokes, and liked your style. She sent texts full of teases, hopes, and her dreams. She believed that you’d both make a really good team. Overtime it shifted from light flirts to deep exchanges: Words, bodies, feelings, and schedule rearranges. You grew from... Continue Reading →

Second Chances?

I used to always get the advice, "don't go backwards, keep moving forward." And to me this used to translate to mean no second chances. I used to be very discouraged by this advice. One part of me would nod in acknowledgement of the validity of the statement, but another part of me would doubt... Continue Reading →

How to Detox from a Toxic Relationship

Healing Tips: How to Detox  For those going through cheating, affairs, and/or breaking away from really toxic relationships here are some practical tips for how to detox from a toxic relationship. Clearing the Phone:   For those trying to let go of an unhealthy relationship I HIGHLY recommend deleting your entire text history. Holding on to it is... Continue Reading →

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