Poem: The Heartbreak Narrative

Young Woman Thinking

She accepted your friend request, and admired your smile,

Laughed at your jokes, and liked your style.

She sent texts full of teases, hopes, and her dreams.

She believed that you’d both make a really good team.

Overtime it shifted from light flirts to deep exchanges:

Words, bodies, feelings, and schedule rearranges.

You grew from being apart, to being tied together,

Making commitments of families, homes, and lives – forever…

Or so you thought, until that dark day arrived

When the black and white truth turned gray, and hope died.

The panties under the bed, the text on the phone,

The woman in the next room’s deep moaning and groans.

You bust open the door, disturbed the call, examined faces and bodies, expressions and all.

Who the hell is she?! This is my home, my life! Didn’t she know he has a girlfriend, woman, wife?

We got to get this b**tch out, this vermin, this pest. Got to throw her out with the other bugs, hoes, and rest…

Send her back to her kind, there’s no room for her here, maybe if I employ my hoe- ridding gear?

Hair pulled, tires slashed, nail scratches, yelling fests,

Fb posts – mean tags, pics removed, pics with chest.

Statuses changing, friendships removed, blocks added, twice removed,

Back and forth, oh the hurt, woe is me, oh the pain.

When you toss him to the curb, but the silence still remains.

The night has a way of being oh so cruel, reminding you of the changes, the void that ensues.

A gap surfaces, seeking to be filled, with whatever will give it attention, will sooth it and fill…

Up the hole in the heart, that makes it hard to breath, makes it hard to think, and makes it hard to be.

So we turn to cope, to our drugs, booze, and sex. To the other man who tells us, we’re more beautiful than the rest.

Who makes us feel worthy, and tells us we’re great this day, that our ex was an idiot, a loser, second rate.

But somehow, deep down we’ve lost our old way. Without the drugs, sex, this man, our emotions will sway.

We’ve forgotten ourselves, how to love who we are.

We need others to tell us we’re worthy, not sub-par,

Because of the rejection laid at our feet, ripping the rug from beneath.

It’s unfair the hand that we were dealt. The pain we are feeling, we never should have felt.

But life has a way of bringing you surprises, no matter how hard you work, plan or try.

Don’t forget honey, you are beautiful in your own way.

You don’t need a man to make you feel good today.

Because you’re enough as is, you need to learn yourself, your worth,

You’re God’s child, a Queen, a child of Heaven, not this Earth.

Take up your throne, take up your path. 

And embrace your Heavenly Father

He’ll heal you in and out till your past is not a bother. 

Till you love your enemies, and create a clean slate

And operate efficiently, in God’s way. 

Move Forward, Trudge on, and don’t turn back. 

There’s nothing back there, but the Devil’s attack. 

Revenge is not yours, it’s God’s to pay.

And though you have will, you should pick God’s way.

He changed my life, and He can change yours too.

The opportunity is yours. But only if You choose. 

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